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Great Empires of the Past

  • Great Empires of the Past
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
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Reviews and Awards

"...well laid out with excellent illustrations and colorful and interesting sidebars...well-written, unbiased histories that present the facts..."

Library Media Connection

American Inhouse Design Award, 2010



Now in full color!

The Great Empires of the Past set narrates the stories of the most important empires in world history and looks at their impact on the present day. Each full-color volume focuses on a specific empire or civilization, exploring its rise and fall, spheres of influence, key events, and significant personalities. Divided into two parts, the first section narrates the history of the empire from its roots to its final demise. The second part explores the culture, society, and daily life of the citizens at the height of the empire.

Each attractive title features full-color photographs and maps, "Connections" boxes that highlight the effects of the empire's innovations and institutions on today's world, and "In Their Own Words" sidebars that emphasize primary source documents. A chronology, glossary, bibliography, up-to-date further resources, and a comprehensive index complete these volumes, which are perfect for students conducting research or readers simply interested in these empires from the past.