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American Indian Contributions to the World

  • American Indian Contributions to the World
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
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Buildings, Clothing, and Art
Food, Farming, and Hunting
Medicine and Health
Science and Technology
Trade, Transportation, and Warfare


This fascinating new five-volume collection introduces young readers to the many important scientific, architectural, agricultural, and technological advances and discoveries made by American Indians throughout history.

Reviews and Awards

"[The authors'] respect for Indian ingenuity and cultures and sensitivity to Indian issues is evident throughout each book in the series...should be a part of public, elementary, and middle school libraries."
American Reference Books Annual

"...provide[s] excellent information that will counteract the stereotypes of Native Americans still found in some books. For younger students, this series is a good choice, but middle grade students would benefit...as well."
School Library Journal

"Writer of the Year, 2005"
- Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storyteller


Providing a panorama of little-known information about the rich inventiveness of indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, each of the five books in the American Indian Contributions to the World set introduces the many important inventions and discoveries made throughout history. Covering much of the same content—and more—as the critically acclaimed, award-winning Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World, this set by the same author team now presents the material in a way specifically organized, written, and designed for young readers, making it fun and accessible.

From the popcorn popper, chocolate, and potatoes to igloos and kayaks, from geometry, zero, and sign language to insect repellents, blowguns, and hockey, these engaging references examine everything in fascinating detail. Box features highlight special themes, inventions, and people, and numerous black-and-white photographs and detailed maps make each book visually stimulating. With timelines at the end of most chapters, a glossary of ancient cultures, an appendix of maps, an appendix listing tribes by culture area, a further reading list, and a comprehensive index, these easy-to-use books are invaluable references for young readers.