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Under the Microscope

  • Under the Microscope
  • Imprint: Chelsea Clubhouse
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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In Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds
In the Backyard
In the Home
In the Ocean
In Your Body
In Your Food

Reviews and Awards

"...will find use as browsing material and will be a great resource to supplement the primary science curriculum...Recommended."

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It's easy to see the bigger animals and insects that inhabit our world—in our backyards, in rivers and ponds, and in the ocean. So, we might assume that if our home and body look spotless, then they should be free of bugs—but that's not the whole picture. From bedbugs to zooplankton and bacteria to water fleas, the full-color Under the Microscope set examines the tiny creatures that are around us all the time, but that we cannot see with our naked eye. Young readers will learn about these creatures, from the harmless to the deadly. Perfect for student researchers, the books in this set feature colorful photographs and illustrations, a handy glossary, suggestions for further reading, and an index for quick reference. Bring microscopic life into better view with this new set.