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Symbols of American Freedom

  • Symbols of American Freedom
  • Imprint: Chelsea Clubhouse
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Ellis Island, Second Edition
Fort McHenry, Second Edition
Independence Hall, Second Edition
Mount Rushmore, Second Edition
The Alamo, Second Edition
The Gateway Arch, Second Edition
The Gettysburg Battlefield, Second Edition
The Lincoln Memorial, Second Edition
The Statue of Liberty, Second Edition
The Washington Monument, Second Edition

Reviews and Awards

"...comprehensive and useful for research..."

School Library Journal


The Symbols of American Freedom set examines the documents, historic places, and other icons that represent the growth of the American nation and the principles of American democracy. By placing the subject of each volume in its historical context, these full-color books illuminate key periods and events in American history. The vivid presentation and controlled reading level will engage readers of a wide range of abilities and interests. Each volume includes excerpts from primary source documents, a glossary, an index, and sources for additional information.