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Science in the Real World

  • Science in the Real World
  • Imprint: Chelsea Clubhouse
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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How Do Aircraft Fly?
How Do Cell Phones Work?
How Do Hybrid Cars Work?
How Do Islands Form?
How Do Plants Get Food?
How Do Refrigerators Work?
How Do Solar Panels Work?
How Does a Spacecraft Reach the Moon?
Why Do Ships Float?
Why Do the Lights Turn On?

Reviews and Awards

"...a welcome addition to supplement the classroom science text...Each title would be useful to young researchers seeking background information for reports or science fair topics...Recommended."

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Science concepts can be fascinating keys to understanding the world around us. From how refrigerators cool to how ships float to how islands form, Science in the Real World brings science to life by presenting real-world phenomena and explaining the science behind how they work. Each high-interest title's lively presentation, complete with full-color photographs and illustrations, will engage young readers as they learn about science concepts with examples they are familiar with, solidifying their understanding of these science tenets.