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Biodiversity, Revised Edition
Cleaning Up the Environment, Revised Edition
Conservation, Revised Edition
Environmental Engineering, Revised Edition
Pollution, Revised Edition
Renewable Energy, Revised Edition
Sustainability, Revised Edition
Waste Treatment, Revised Edition

Reviews and Awards

"...useful for those researching green technologies and environmentalism and the effects of humans on the earth."

American Reference Books Annual


An In-Depth, Full-Color Look at the Earth's Increasing Environmental Problems

The condition of the environment is constantly changing, with many scientists believing that it is not changing for the better. Most agree that human activities are responsible, to some extent, for the insurmountable harm inflicted on the environment in the last 100 years, and some of these changes are irreversible. Environmental scientists split their energies in addressing three aspects of ecology: cleaning up the damage already done to the Earth, changing current uses of natural resources, and developing new technologies to conserve the Earth's remaining natural resources. These objectives comprise the green movement, and, when new technologies are invented to fulfill these objectives, they are collectively referred to as "green technology."

Green Technology explores new methods for repairing and restoring the environment as well as current technologies in use. Part science and part social study, each volume provides brief historical background on a topic important in the green technology movement—from cleaning up the environment to renewable energy sources and methods. This must-have full-color set also examines the role played by large international organizations in persuading different countries and cultures to find common ground for using natural resources. Written in a lively tone and filled with photographs, tables, charts, and sidebars, this timely set is ideal for high school and college students as well as for readers concerned with preserving the environment.