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Our Fragile Planet

  • Our Fragile Planet
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Atmosphere, Second Edition
Biosphere, Second Edition
Climate, Second Edition
Geosphere, Second Edition
Humans and the Natural Environment, Second Edition
Hydrosphere, Second Edition
Oceans, Second Edition
Polar Regions, Second Edition

Reviews and Awards

“…fact-filled…The information found in this [set] will engage children’s curiosity and provide them with a sense of stewardship.”
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While change has been fundamental to the planet throughout its history, people have altered the environment in myriad ways: Resources are being overexploited; natural landscapes are being altered for human uses; pollution is contaminating the air, water, and soil; and global temperatures are rising. And there are always more people who need more food, energy, water, wood, and material goods. Our Fragile Planet is a thought-provoking set that uses full-color photographs and illustrations, readable text, and informative sidebars to celebrate the wonders of the natural world and to demonstrate how human activities are disrupting natural processes. Each title offers powerful methods for reducing the impact people are having on our planet, making this set an invaluable tool for readers passionate about environmental issues.