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Essentials of Forensic Science

  • Essentials of Forensic Science
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Blood, Bugs, and Plants, Revised Edition
Crashes and Collapses, Revised Edition
Drugs, Poisons, and Chemistry, Revised Edition
Fakes and Forgeries, Revised Edition
Firearms and Fingerprints, Revised Edition
Science versus Crime, Revised Edition
Trace Evidence, Revised Edition

Reviews and Awards

"Top Ten Series Nonfiction for Youth, 2009"

- Booklist/RBB


Forensic science serves as an accessible and inspiring window into a fascinating realm of science. As illustrated by the popularity of television shows like CSI, forensic science—while a specialized field—appeals to a wide audience.

The Essentials of Forensic Science set was created in response to this thirst for knowledge and information. Written by eminent forensic scientists, the books cover all major areas of forensic science from their earliest inception to the modern laboratory and courtroom. With topics ranging from firearms and fingerprints to fakes and forgeries, the books in this intriguing set provide students, teachers, and general readers with a readable and comprehensive account of current topics in this field as well as related findings in science. Each title features black-and-white photographs and line illustrations, as well as an index, a glossary, and Web sites for further reading.