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Bloom's Literary Places

  • Bloom's Literary Places
  • Imprint: Bloom's Literary Criticism
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Dublin, Original Edition
London, Original Edition
New York, Original Edition
Paris, Original Edition
Rome, Original Edition
St. Petersburg, Original Edition


Whether you want to visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, or the Spanish Steps of Rome, Bloom’s Literary Places provides readers and travelers with the ultimate literary guides to major cities around world. Each book in this engaging series highlights all the literary places within each city that have played a major role in literature throughout history—including museums, bookstores, theaters, and other significant sites.

Each title features:

  • An overview of the city as it exists today, detailing population, culture, politics, and major attractions
  • A unique combination of cultural and literary history
  • Visitor information for many of the city's literary treasures
  • An introduction with Harold Bloom.